Integrated Risk Platform

Our one of a kind platform takes advantage of the most advanced technologies available
and transforms the information into a practical, easy to use format.

Select Compliance Content & Organization Details

Determine what you want to track, the performance indicators, and customized cleaning plans.

Assign & Complete Compliance Activities

Assign the best people to clean each area and use checklists for them to certify it as complete.

Real-Time Reports & Analytics

Immediately understand risks, open tasks, employee performance, cleaning quality, and areas needing more attention.

Improvement Activities

Improve your whole organization by optimizing efficiency, lowering costs, increasing end-user satisfaction, and using sensor technology and immediate reporting capabilities to address your real-time needs.

Cloud-Based Technology

We have a world wide platform with near 100% uptime to provide you real-time reporting on every facility.

Updated Compliance Library

We address the majority of all regulations and best practices  governing commercial sanitation. 

Extensible User Hierarchy

Provide your team with the necessary information to do their job and protect your company by restricting access to unnecessary information. 


Cut through the painstakingly slow process of regular management and streamline your operations into easy to use checklists and dashboards.

Analytics & Reporting

We provide quick access to critical information and allow you to drill down to specific regions, facilities, and rooms to determine the status and performance of a given area.

Multi-Tier Information

Quickly evaluate different levels within your organization.  Identify the status of a room, facility, region, country or more within seconds.


The dashboard is fully customizable to provide you with the information needed to make good management decisions.

Enhance Management

Provides a document trail that provides management with the information and documentation to hold poor performers accountable and celebrate high performing individuals.

Smart Tech

We’ve combined cutting-edge sensor technology, a world-wide GRC platform, the latest management techniques, and a proprietary compliance library into a SAAS offering that will revolutionize how your manage cleaning within your organization.

Video, Audio, and Sensors

We can monitor foot traffic, employee temperature, no. of coughs and sneezes in a room, high contact areas, air quality and more. 

Cloud-Based Management

Capture all important information in a single locations and use it to track and trend performance, document compliance, and instantaneously identify risks within your company.

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How SeeVerified can help your company stay on top of compliance and regulations.

Facility Maintenance

Key Capabilities

Protect your facilities by ensuring proper health, safety, and maintenance protocols are being followed.

Health & Safety Policy Management
Cyber Security & Governance
Labor Management
Contractual Risk Management

Covid-19 Sanitization Compliance

Key Capabilities

Monitor company and location specific compliances activities to keep you in compliance with local Covid-19 sanitization regulations.

Upload facility details for complete customization
Assign automated compliance activities
Complete and Remediate non-conformances
Monitor all compliances activities to stay ahead of breakdowns

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can my organization benefit?

SeeVerified provides our clients with an interactive and state of the art online platform that is easy to use and highly effective. Our clients benefit from:

  • Improved compliance with the many regulations surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Increased transparency throughout the organization with regards to overdue cleaning activities.
  • Enhanced screening capabilities to improve your understanding of the environment, high touch surfaces, employee health screenings, and cleaning time by area.
  • Focused cleaning for the most used areas based upon real-time data.
  • Validated cleaning quality that is a results of providing end users of each area with the capability of providing daily feedback.
  • Dashboard style reporting to provide real-time access to any defined area’s cleaning status, identified deficiencies, employee performance, and more.
  • Customizable cleaning protocols for special equipment and or areas.
How does this system lower my expenses?

Absolutely!  We can help you lower the cost of your existing housekeeping program through active management and transparency.  Our focus is on reducing labor and supply costs.  

Not only do we minimize unnecessary cleaning, our platform has the capability to track and trend the time it takes to clean different sections of your facility. 

Our inventory management feature provides you with the ability to know how much cleaning product is being used by each person so supervisors can ensure that the correct amount is being used for each cleaning assignment.

How does this system improve cleaning quality?

Improving the quality of cleaning at your facility is one of the biggest benefits of our industry leading platform solution. We improve the cleanliness of your facility by:

  • Providing a systematic and verified cleaning schedule for all areas of a facility.
  • Utilizing sensor technology to pre-screen for personnel who are potentially contagious so additional cleaning can be applied to impacted areas.
  • Identifying cluster areas to provide focused cleaning efforts on high touch surfaces or areas.
  • Track and trend cleaning times for each defined area to ensure that the optimal amount of cleaning time is being used.
  • Tracking the performance of individuals within the janitorial staff and look for opportunity to develop them through additional training.
  • Provide a Two (2) Tier Cleaning Validation system that requires a Janitorial Supervisor and End User to approve the cleaning and/or audit each area.
What do sensors monitor?

We can monitor and measure almost anything that you can imagine. The most common things that we pay attention to are:

  • Employee Temperatures
  • Number of coughs and sneezes
  • Adherence to Mask Mandates (if applicable)
  • Time in areas
  • Cluster Locations
  • Weight of cleaning supplies
  • Air quality
Am I allowed to screen employees?

We encourage you to do your own due diligence, however, all data is highly secure and confidential. We help companies develop an awareness campaign to engage all employees in the process of providing them with a COVID-Clean work environment. We work hand-in-hand with all our clients to make the implementation process seamless.

How does this improve compliance?

We have a robust compliance library that comes as a part of the platform. If you have an outstanding deficiency, you’ll be able to correlate that specific issue to the regulatory or guidance to which it was derived.

What is a prioritized cleaning schedule?

A prioritized cleaning schedule is an enhanced version of a regular pre-defined cleaning schedule for your facility. We utilize sensor technology to assign an impact weighted cleaning frequency to each area. Areas that have high traffic or usage will receive more frequent cleanings than areas that are rarely used.

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